When I Fell in Love Episode 12


“Thanks for making our night B.” Erica sang as we got outside. It’s currently the night of their anniversary. Dwayne didn’t wanna attend cause he thought that it was going to be a big fat party full of people.

“You are welcome girl. I hope he’s gonna like it.” I said referring to the crazy Gucci sweater we got for her boyfriend.

“I hope so too.” She said baring her teeth.

“Good night. Tell me about it tomorrow morning.” I added extending my arms for a hug.

“You got it B.” She squealed and squeezed me in a tight bear hug.

“Tell D I said hi.” She added as she finally released me from the hug.

“You mean D with the long D.” I sang sticking my tongue out at her.

“Look who’s talking crazy now.” She said roaring with laughter.


I rang the doorbell thrice before Dwayne opened the door with just a towel round his waist.

My eyes were glued to his six pack torso which was dripping wet. It felt like I was just seeing him shirtless for the very first time as I bit my lip continuously muttering a couple swear words. He just got out the shower oh boy!!!

“Why don’t you come inside and get a better look.” Dwayne said snapping me out of my trance. I felt a little bit embarrassed as I blushed uncontrollably and got inside the house for him to shut the door.

“How was the party baby Doll?” He asked breathing down my neck from behind me. Dang!

“It was just a quiet little dinner boy.” I answered in a little whisper and turned round to face him. Again, my eyes wandered around his body.

“Lemme guess, the towel’s blocking your view.” He joked and started kissing on my neck instantly taking me to Mars.

“Take the towel off, it won’t bite Doll.” He continued before returning to sucking on my neck.

“Wait a second.” I said edging away from him.

“What’s that?” He asked in surprise.

“Let’s get this popping under the shower.” I suggested with a sly smile while his signature grin crept up on his face as I did a spin and headed for the stairs dragging him along with me.


“Been more than a month since I last saw my momma.” I complained as I rolled round in bed tiredly.

“What’s stopping you from going to see her?” Dwayne responded nonchalantly as he was busy doing something on his laptop.

I rolled my eyes at him since his back was turned and I knew he wasn’t going to see me.

“Guess I been too preoccupied with other stuff.” I said bluntly as I kept turning uncomfortably on the bed.

“Why you keep turning round like that?” Dwayne asked turning round to face me.

“Nun, I’m just tired.” I lied as I continued turning from side to side.

“Let me help you fall asleep doll.” Dwayne offered as he closed the laptop and got on the bed.

Crazy how I couldn’t bring myself to tell him that I’d wanted him to come along with me and meet my mom since she doesn’t actually believe that I have found me a good boyfriend.

“So when will you be leaving for NO?” He asked stroking my cheek lovingly.

“Friday, I’ll be back on Sunday. I’m gonna miss you.” I answered yawning like I was about to swallow him up.

“Your mouth’s really bigggg!” He exclaimed in a bold voice and all I could do was laugh.



😉 Dwayne (Travis)

Friday came quick enough cause as soon as Kiki left for New Orleans, I also got my wheels up heading to Detroit.

“Hey Travie!” Nicole greeted excitedly hugging me like a little kid.

“You’re gonna break my back jumping on me like that.” I said with a little chuckle trying my best to disengage from the tight hug.

“You’re all up on the blogs today. Tell me the truth about it.” I asked as I settled down on the couch.( I’m currently in Nicole’s house by the way.)

“Me and Xx broke up officially.” She announced with a shrug.

“I saw it coming. But why do I feel like this is more of a publicity stunt? Cause you look really unbothered.”

“You’re right brother, I’m trying to help the boy get a career going. Do you know the number of people that started listening to his whack songs because of me? Hundreds of thousands of new fans.” She declared and all I did was nod as she kept going.

“He went platinum on his debut album because of me. I deserve all the credit which he never gave me and now it’s time for him to release his sophomore album and he starts treating me like trash, I won’t take it.”

“I see. Thought you said it was a fling? Something tells me you got emotionally invested along the line.” I said mockingly.

“Not exactly Travie. Just because it was a fling doesn’t mean he’s supposed to treat me like a nobody. I’m one heck of a somebody. I am Nicole freaking Givens.” She yelled emphatically pointing to herself.

“His corny album is gonna be a flop and you can quote me.” She concluded icily.

“Let me guess you’re also gonna use this breakup thing to your own advantage.”

“Darn right! A giveaway and a new product launch.”

“Won’t the fans suspect?”

“Nah! They’re fans, they love and support me. And that move is something called ‘bouncing back and coming out strong’.” She said with a wink and I shook my head in disbelief. Nicole is always ready to do anything just to get in the news.

“So about the guy, were you able to get his schedule?” She asked reverting back to the main thing that brought me to her house.

“Yeah, he’s supposed to be in Southfield on the twentieth for a birthday party or something like that. You can go there and see him but you gotta be careful or we can just send someone else instead since he suspect something fishy.” I said and she frowned at the last part.

“You’re making much sense. He knows who I am and might see my move from a mile away.” She finally agreed and we laid down the plan on how to get him. All we have to do is have him followed at all times.

There’s a lot of pressing issues that I have to address.

As soon as I left Nicole’s place, I ordered Rick to meet me at my apartment so I could get all necessary updates from him.


“We traced the location where the transactions from Nicole’s account are being made.” Rick announced handing me some papers.

I quickly flipped through the pages and discovered that the house was formerly owned by our family in Southfield. This is so confusing.

“Who lives here?” I queried curiously.

“That’s what we’re trying to figure out Sir. I’ve got some guys on the lookout.” Rick said with his head bowed.

“You gotta move fast then.” I said impatiently.

My phone started ringing and I checked to see who’s calling. Gosh! Diane!!

“Hey babe.” I said bluntly and Rick took that as his cue to leave but I motioned for him to stay.

“Travis where are you? I miss you so much.” She ranted and I shook my head in dismay.

“I’m coming over to your place in a bit.” I said nonchalantly and hung up on her before she could say anything else.

“Give me updates on any new developments.” I said getting up to leave for Diane’s place. That reminds me, I’ve gotta call Kiki before I get there.


“I wanna take a trip to Hollywood.” Diane announced as her maids finished clearing the table.

“Need me to give you a map?” I asked as I finished gulping down all of the water in my glass and returned it in the tray the maid was holding muttering a little ‘thank you’.

I could see the smile on her face fading away instantly replaced by a confused frown.

“Don’t get like that Travis, I want you to go with me.” She said placing her palm on her chin.

“Look Diane, the last thing on my agenda right now is to go public with you.” I dropped the bombshell and she widened her eyes before picking up her flip flops and throwing them at me.

“Chill Diane!” I yelled shielding myself with both hands to prevent the shoes from hitting me in the face.

“I put it to you that you’re cheating on me Travis. I’ve tried everything to get you to love me back.” She yelled angrily.

“You’re overreacting Diane. We still gotta take it slow.” I said calmly with my hands still raised in the air.

“We still gotta take it slow after two whole years?” She yelled back and I stood up and held her tight claiming her lips for a kiss which she resisted to at first before finally giving in as she shed a few tears.

“I’m sorry okay? I don’t wanna hurt you Diane and I’m not cheating on you. I still have to figure out where this relationship is heading to.” I explained as I broke away from the kiss when she finally relaxed in my arms.

I felt so guilty like I was stabbing her in the heart.


“I’m going to beat you in the next round.” I shouted as I ran into the kitchen to get a glass of water.

Kiki had returned early this morning and we were playing a football tournament.

“We’ll see about that.” Kiki said with a laugh as I reappeared into the living room.

In the middle of the game, my phone rang and I took a quick glance at the screen. It’s Rick calling.

I quickly paused the game and picked up the phone while Kiki frowned in disapproval.

He was calling to inform me that the person occupying the old family apartment has been found. It’s Diane’s step brother. What the heck? Why would we this dude be living in a house that belonged to my family and why would he be staying there to manipulate Nicole’s account in paying my father’s cook? How is he even able to do that?

Too many questions unanswered.😫

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