My Mum’s Gateman Episode 32

Sarah’s POV:

I woke up the next morning with a banging headache as I stood up and walked into the bathroom. I was so shocked to see my safes on the floor.

Oh no!! I quickly dropped on my knees as I examined the safes and confirmed that they have been tampered with.

The documents, Bitcoin and evidence were all gone. This can’t be real! I pinched myself hard to confirm if I was dreaming or I was really awake. Of course I was awake.
Shoot! I forgot to lock the door yesterday. Someone managed to get into the room.

I walked back into the room and straight downstairs. I was going crazy. I yelled at the maids to assemble in the sitting room. In a minute, they all scurried into the room.

Which one of you scoundrels came into my room last night? I queried angrily.

None of them said anything. I barked at them repeating the same question before one of them raised up her hand.

‘It was Glory ma, she brought you the drink that you asked for’ she spoke in a shaky voice.

Shoot! I looked around and realized that Glory wasn’t among them.
Where’s she? I yelled as my anger reached it’s peak.

None of them said anything.

‘Get me Max’ I yelled at no one in particular.
They all scurried out of the room and returned with Max, one of my personal guards.

Find me Glory today or your head is off. I yelled at him and slumped into one of the sofas in the room. I’m finished. I need to inform Femi about this so he can cover his tracks.

I went back to my room and dialled his number. The idiot refused to pick up my calls. I need to get through to him but I can’t go to his house, he’ll strangle me. He thinks I’m the one who leaked the video making him lose his position as flag bearer and commissioner.

Glory’s POV

Francis just arrived at the rendezvous point in the early hours of the morning. Me and Sam have been up all night working on the drives. Francis arrived in time just to help me crack a few more.

One of the documents we were able to uncover showed that Marie is an adopted child while the others were Bitcoin, property deeds worth billions of naira and also the evidence of Marie’s dad being a criminal. Everything we needed.

We were about to have lunch when Francis got a call from Marie’s dad inviting him to meet him somewhere. It sounded really urgent. He dropped the plate of food on the side stool and got out of the house.

Me and Sam were alone again. Immediately Francis was out of the room, we dropped our plates and grabbed each other kissing and clawing hungrily at each other’s clothes.

We were so engrossed in what we were doing that we didn’t realize when Francis walked back into the room.

He cleared his throat and I almost jumped out of my skin. Shoot!! He scared the heck out of me. He saw all of that.

‘I wasn’t expecting this.’ he says with a naughty sounding chuckle and picked up his jacket from the chair he was sitting on and walked out of the room.

‘You can carry on’ I heard him shout from the other side of the door as he exited the house.
We’ve been busted!! I thought as I stood up and packed the plates.

Marie’s POV
I was dragged into one of the cars outside and taken out of the compound. I was blindfolded and a duct tape was placed on my mouth and two muscular guards held my hand on either side as I still struggled to free myself from their hold with muffled screams.

After driving for a while, the car suddenly came to a violent halt and the guards got out. I heard shooting, screaming and a whole lot of commotion outside. The guys holding me had already let go of me and got out of the car to also join in the shooting outside.

In a bit, everywhere went quiet again. I heard the car door open beside me and a hand gently tried to pull me out. I flinched and shifted resisting him as I was really frightened.

The person got into the car with me and took off the blindfold as he carried me up in a bridal style and took me out of the car. I still had the duct tape on my mouth though.
He was dressed in army uniforms all the way down to his boots. He looked like a commando.

He took me to another car and I looked around to see what had happened to the other guards. They were all on the floor groaning in pain.
I’m sure they were from my dad to rescue me. Thanks to the GPS device on my waist.

They’ve all been shot in their legs and other guys who were also in army uniforms were carrying them and placing them into the waiting army trucks. I wonder what they’re going to do to them.

The army guy had a funny mask on his face but there was something about him. The way he held my hand in his so gently, reminded me of Francis. I miss him so much.

Where are you taking me to? I asked after he finally took off the duct tape from my mouth but he didn’t say a word. He just kept driving with his masked face focused on the road.

I looked out of the window and mangaged to admire the outdoor scenery as we sped down the lonely road. I wonder where he was taking me to. Crazy dumb guy!! I thought as I rolled my eyes continuously.

We got to a stop and we both alighted from the vehicle. I could see my dad in the resting on one of the cars at a distance with his multitude of security men.(Some things never change)

Dad!! I screamed excitedly as I ran to where he was and hugged him tightly as I cried tears of joy. I missed my old man so much. He’s saved me from my mum and Jude’s family finally!!!!

We talked at length about everything I’ve been through and he assured me that everything is going to be okay soon.

He had a brief discussion with the army guy, they shook hands and my dad had to finish up with the whole rescue battle and as such, he had to leave me in the hands of the army guy again.

I stood there and watched my dad’s cars drive off before I got into the car with the army guy and went in the opposite direction. Where’s he taking me to?

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