David Sunday

David Sunday is a gifted gospel artist hailing from the serene land of Akwa Ibom, he is highly regarded as a legend in the Akwa Ibom gospel music popularly called “Akam”. David Sunday songs are characterized by an uplifting tempo and energetic dance moves.

His voice, like a river current, carries prayers and praises. His songs weaves melodies that resonate with faith and gratitude.

In songs like: “Sosongo”: A song of praise and Thanksgiving to God. The word “Sosongo” means “Thank you” in Ibibio/Efik.


“Dop No Obong”: This is a song that declares the sovereignty of God, calling on everything in heaven and on earth to submit to the lordship of Christ.


“Nnienso Nkan Ekom”: This simplify means “what more do I have than praise”.


His Songs are more than just notes, they are vessels of hope, a call to praise, a call to pray and a call worship.


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