10 Practical Ways to Promote Your Music as an Upcoming Artist in 2024

So, you’ve recorded your song—a melody that dances in your heart and lyrics that echo your soul. But how do you make sure the world hears it? Fear not! As an upcoming artist in Nigeria, you don’t need a million-dollar budget to promote your music as an upcoming artist. Let’s dive into ten practical strategies that won’t break the bank:


1.Create Good Music

Before we talk promotion, let’s nail the basics. Your music is your foundation. Craft melodies that stick like jollof rice to a hungry soul. Lyrics that make hearts skip a beat. If your music isn’t finger-snapping good, all the promotion tricks won’t matter.

2.Share the Love: Free Downloads 

Imagine this: You’re at a party, and someone hands you a free slice of cake. You taste it, love it, and now you want the whole cake! Same goes for your music. Offer some songs for free download. Let people groove to your beats without emptying their wallets. It’s like a musical teaser.

3.Social Media Groove

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter—they’re your digital concert halls. Post snippets, behind-the-scenes magic, and connect with fans. Be consistent. Remember, social media isn’t just for memes; it’s your backstage pass to fame.

4.Collaborate! Collaborate! Collaborate!

Team up with other artists. Blend your voices, mix genres, and create magic. Collaborations introduce you to new ears. Plus, it’s fun! Think of it as a musical potluck.

5.Build Your Fanbase

Keep your fans updated. Let them know when your next jam drops. Your subscribers are your VIP front-row listeners. Treat them well.

6.Pre-Save Campaigns

Before your single hits the airwaves, create buzz. Set up pre-save campaigns on Spotify, Apple Music, and other platforms. Fans can’t wait to hit that play button. This is kinda like a movie trailer, Davido does this a lot.

7.Playlists: Your Golden Ticket

Get on curated playlists. Afrobeat Vibes, Naija Groove—find your spot. Playlists introduce you to fresh ears. It’s like being invited to the coolest party in town.

8.Team Up: Build a Strong Crew

Surround yourself with passionate folks—managers, producers, PR wizards. Together, you’ll create symphonies that resonate. A team multiplies your impact.

9.Press Play: Music Videos

Visuals matter. Invest in quality music videos. They’re your passport to global recognition. Show the world your moves!

10. Be Seen: Live Performances

Hit the stage! Local gigs, festivals, events—perform like your life depends on it. Live applause fuels your journey.

Dear artist, Nigeria awaits your crescendo. Tune your strings, find your rhythm, and let your notes dance across the palm-fringed shores. Remember, it’s not just about making it; it’s about making magic.

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