When I Fell in Love Episode 10


“I was just too frightened to ask any more questions Eri.” I told Erica as I finished narrating the story of all that took place last night to her. Her face was now almost back to normal except for the scratch marks.

“Right from day one, I never liked her remember? She was acting so shady like she a somebody.” Erica said sounding really upset and I nodded affirming what she was saying.

As we were still speaking, my phone rang and I checked the caller ID which indicated that it was Dwayne calling and I picked up immediately.

“Hey D what’s up?” I said as the call connected.

“It’s all good Doll. Just wanted to check up on you. Still at Erica’s place right?” He asked making my mouth widen in shock.

“How did you… Wait, those guys are still following me around right?” I ranted remembering that he got people tailing me.

“You already know.” He responded with a little laugh.

“I’ll see you later.” He added.

“Alrighty bye. Love you!” I sang making Erica to frown a bit.

“Love you too Doll.” He concluded and ended the call.

“You look jealous.” I said sticking out my tongue at Erica who was giving these crazy looks.

“Like I ain’t got a man.” She joked rolling her eyes.

“So what you gon do about those guys following you around anyway?” She asked with great concern.

“Don’t know yet.” I responded cluelessly throwing my hands in the air.

“Maybe we should do a background check on this dude. Like what he running from in Detroit.” She suggested with a shrug making a whole lot of sense.

“You’re right, but how do we do that? We don’t have any access to such resources.” I countered.

“What about Gerald? I mean he’s a police officer, he could assist us in doing the background check.” She recommended and I smiled picking up my phone to call Gerald.


😉 Dwayne (Travis)

After I’d ended the call with Kiki, I got into the waiting jet heading back home to Detroit.

Rick had earlier informed me that he’d found some evidence that my dad was murdered. I needed to take a look at it personally and also use the opportunity to get some information out of Diane.


“Best dinner ever.” Diane sang as we finished the expensive meal of seafood.

“Cheers.” I said raising the glass of champagne for a toast. We clinked our glasses and I flashed her a one-sided smile as she took a sip of the drink which was laced with sedatives.

Taking my left hand down under the table, I caressed her hips as she smiled and took another sip of her drink gulping it down nervously. Good girl! She’s gonna be a goner in a matter of minutes.

I noticed that she was getting light-headed as she started spewing a whole lot of nonsense. Just what I wanted! The soothing effect of me caressing her legs and the drugs soon took her to Dreamland. Since we were in the reserved area, no one else was here to see what was going down.

My security men carried her into one of the cars and we pulled out of the premises headed back to her house.

Her maids opened up for us and I headed straight to her room.

“Let’s get dirty.” Diane muttered in her sleep as I dropped her on the bed in the room. How disgusting! I scrunched up my face as I covered her up with a duvet and took her phone.

I used her left index finger and unlocked the phone heading straight to her mail and all of that private stuff. I transferred some of the useful files to my own phone. It was kinda dissapointing that I couldn’t get access to her laptop since it needed facial recognition for it to be unlocked.

My phone soon started ringing and my eyes widened as I realized that I’d promised to see Kiki later tonight. I checked my watch and realized that it was almost nine. It’s an approximately two hours flight all the way back to Orlando plus I wasn’t really done with what I came here for today. Guess I’ll have to come back tomorrow.

“Hey Doll.” I greeted as I picked up before the last ring.

“Where you at?”Kiki asked with a yawn.

“On my way home, wanted to get some takeouts for us.”

“Thought you said you don’t do junk food.” She said with a little chuckle.

“Wait till you see what I ordered.” I defended.

“See you soon then. Byeeee.” She said and hung up before I could even respond.

Taking a last look at Diane who was fast asleep in bed, I hurried out of the room heading out of the building. I needed to get to Orlando as quickly as possible.

We got back to the strip where my jet was already waiting and flew all the way back to The FL.

I stopped by a classy Chinese restaurant and got two plates of food before heading straight to her house. It was already a few minutes past twelve by the time I pulled in Kiki’s driveway.

“The dialler reads three hours ago D.” Kiki ranted huffing and puffing in annoyance.

“I’m sorry doll, I got held up by a customer.” I lied hoping she was going to believe me.

She eyed me up and down suspiciously with her brows raised before lightly rolling her eyes and opening the door wider for me to enter. I know I suck at giving excuses but it’s profound that she bought that crappy lie.

After dinner, we got in bed and did the nasty before going to sleep.

I woke up at about three in the morning and decided to go through the files that I’d hijacked from Diane’s phone and the evidence that Rick had given me earlier in the day.

Most of what I saw in Diane’s phone were photos of her and a guy that I’ve never met before. Judging from their WhatsApp chats and emails that I saw when I was with her phone, the guy is her brother.

Being a public figure, everyone knows that Diane is an only child. Her mother died after giving birth to her and her father has neither remarried or adopted a child. What I’m I even saying? Dude’s her older brother.

I sent his photo to Rick on WhatsApp and told him to find out more information about this brother of hers.

Now on to the evidence that Rick had given me, it was details of the real cause of my dad’s death which we knew nothing about. Before now, we were told that my dad had died from a rare type of diabetes but now, the files before me contained the autopsy report of what actually killed him – poison!!!

Ever since I was a kid, I don’t remember my dad eating in a restaurant. He always ate at home and even when he travelled, he ensured that he took a cook along.

This means that he was poisoned at home or by his cook. Holdup, his cook resigned as soon as my dad died.

As I sat there connecting all of these dots, I felt like going crazy as so many questions rushed into my mind at once. Who the heck paid him to do this and why?

I’m gonna call Rick when the day breaks so he could help track this cook down.

💃 Kiki

I woke up the next morning and couldn’t find Dwayne in bed with me. I stretched tiredly under the covers yawning loudly like I was about to swallow a cow.

As I was about to get out of bed, the bedroom door opened and Dwayne walked in with a tray full of food. Gosh, boy always bringing me breakfast in bed isn’t that amazing?

He wore my flip flops and one of my oversized sweatpants with a big fat grin on his cute face.

“Good morning boy.” I said sitting up properly.

“Morning baby doll.” He responded setting the tray down.

“You look great wearing my clothes.” I teased slapping his butt.

“Ouch! And you look better with nothing on.” He whispered softly biting his lips.

“Bring your sexy body over here.” I said dragging him to myself by the hand.

My back landed on the bed as he kissed me with so much passion.

“Breakfast is gonna get cold shawty.” He said as he broke away from the kiss making me frown a bit.

I groaned in dismay as he got off me and sat down beside me on the bed. Gosh! Such yummy finger licking breakfast!😋

“Wanna go shopping for new clothes and stuff?” Dwayne asked and all I could do was force a smile as my mouth was filled with food.

“I’m always ready Dwayne.” I finally replied bearing in mind that I don’t have a job no more.

“Remind me to transfer some money to you so you can go get what you want. And take Erica along as well.” He said before taking a sip of his coffee.

“I thought it was gonna be you and me.” I said furrowing my brows at him.

“Nah, I hate shopping remember? He said and I burst into laughter. Dwayne generally hates going out to places where he’s gonna meet a lot of people except it’s a last resort. Erica could be right. Maybe he’s actually got something he’s running from.

Should I ask him why he left Detroit? Nah, that sounds tougher than asking him out.

“What’s that?” He asked looking intently at me.

“Nothin.” I said flicking him a little smile.

“But you’re shaking your head.”

“Uhm just thinking of what to get at the mall.” I stuttered nervously.

We finished up with breakfast and Dwayne cleared the table before finally returning to his house to get ready for work as usual.

After Dwayne left, I got on the phone with Erica asking her to get ready for our shopping later in the day. Dwayne had given me a whopping ten thousand for the shopping. I’m gonna buy the whole mall today. Duh!

😉 Dwayne (Travis)

As soon as I left Kiki’s house, I headed straight to mine and got dressed before driving to the airstrip where my jet was waiting for me as usual.

After we landed in Detroit, Rick was on hand to welcome me with even more shocking Revelations. Dear God!!

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