When I Fell in Love Episode 1


“Eri pass me my bag.” I yelled over the loud music that was banging in the next room which happens to be a clubhouse.

“Learn to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ B.” Erica said firmly lifting the bag above arms reach as I tried to snatch it from her.

Erica is my best friend and colleague. We met two years ago when I started working here at the club and she’s been more than a sister to me. She can be loud and annoying sometimes too.

“Well duh!” I replied with an eye roll as I opened the bag and took out my cologne spraying it on my clothes and hair. ( I mean crazy lingeries, thigh high stockings and six inch heels only.😀)

“Ladies, time to get a move on.” Our manager said as the door opened and he poked his head in.

“Yes sir!” Erica yelled as the sound of the music grew louder, thanks to the open door.

We both took a final look in the mirror admiring our makeup before walking out dramatically into the main hall of the clubhouse. Let’s get this party started.

Allow me to formally introduce myself. I’m Kiara AKA Kiki. I’m 24, working as a stripper on Tuesdays and Fridays at a strip club called ‘Chutzpah’ in Florida while my family are in The NOLA that’s New Orleans, Louisiana.

I’m lightskinned, slim thick with killer curves and hey, I’ve got a pretty face too. Don’t got no boyfriend or lover and I don’t sleep around either. Crazy but it’s true! I don’t want any emotional nonsense to tie me down and I don’t also want a baby or an STD.

My dad and mum got divorced right from when I was a kid. Also, I’ve been the one taking care of my mum and younger sister Amy for years now ever since my mum got into an accident which landed her in a wheelchair making it impossible for her to work and fend for us.

I had to drop out of school and start hustling to pay the bills, get us fed and send Amy to college. That’s why I started dancing for dollars.

My dad had abandoned us after the divorce and we haven’t heard from him since then.

We got on stage and hit the pole as usual doing what we know how to do best.

Everyone’s attention was on us as we danced like we were in a Nicki Minaj video shoot.

I could see some gangsters in the VIP section and I got over there twerking and giving them a tease while they kept slapping my big butts and throwing money in the air which I didn’t hesitate to pick up.

After I was done for the night, we returned backstage to our dressing room laughing loudly and excitedly about the money in our palms. The next set of girls were already dressed and waiting for us to finish up on stage so they could get up there.

“Dollar bills is my sons.” Erica sang as she fanned herself with the money in her hand.

“Say that twice b.” I concurred with a chuckle and slumped into a chair taking out some wipes to erase all traces of the heavy makeup I was wearing while Erica kept blabbing about one thing or the other.

In a matter of minutes, we were done changing up and ready to go home. I felt this crazy urge to drink some ice cold water as I was so parched and thus, decided to get into the club and find myself some water to drink.

Having said goodbye to Eri who’s boyfriend was already outside waiting to pick her up, I walked back into the club and straight to the bar.

“Hey K!” Chris the barman hollered as I got to the bar.

“Good evening Chrissy. Can I have some water?” I yelled back over the loud music.

“Sure thang chicken” He said and filled a glass with the chilled clear liquid and I received it flicking him a smile as I took it all down in a single gulp.

“Thanks Chrissy.” I spoke smiling broadly as I passed him the now empty glass.

“You was hot tonight.” He Commented collecting it from my hand with a grin. Well, duhh!

“You worked some magic up the pole tonight babe. I must say you got some moves.” A deep and sweet voice like none I’ve ever heard said beside me and I quickly turned to see who it was.

“Are you talking to me?” I asked after drooling over him for a quick minute. Believe me, I’m staring at a really pretty boy right now. No cap!
Black skin, strong muscular arms and with the way the blue lights in the club shone on his face, you’d think he’s got diamonds in his eyes. Dang!

“Yeah. You’re one of the dancers from earlier ain’t you?” He added and I smiled sheepishly.

“Yeah sure. Name’s Kiara but you can call me…

“Kiki.” He cut me off and concluded my sentence for me with a wide smile as we shook hands. His hands were soft and smooth like a baby’s. Even with the blue lights in the club, I could still make out his perfect lips which looked so soft and kissable.

He introduced himself to me as Dwayne and happens to be new in town.

After we talked for a while, it was time for me to say goodbye and be on my way as I was really tired and had to go catch some sleep.


Outside the Club…

I adjusted the straps of my hand bag properly on my shoulder as I walked towards my car in the poorly lit parking lot walking past a drunk couple who were busy making out with each other.

“Hey stripper, mind if I get with you?” One of two guys who were resting on the hood of one of the cars smoking a blunt said. I ignored him making to walk past them but the second one grabbed my wrist and tried to pull me back.

I reached for the pepper spray which was in the pocket of my sweatpants and wasted no time in spraying it all over their faces. They screamed in pain and let me go holding their faces and trying to get away. Psychos!

Well, I’m a stripper who dances with little or no clothes on. Hazards of the job include harassment and assaults of all sorts that’s why I have my pepper spray, my pocket knife and my gun all for self defense.

“Bravo K-doll.” Someone said from behind me clapping continously.

“Why are you following me Dwayne? Are you a stalker?” I asked in a sassy voice as I realized that it was the same guy from earlier.

“Nah, not at all. I just came out with the hopes of finding you out here and getting your number.” He explained. I turned round and strutted away shaking my head disappointedly with him following behind. He’s prolly checking my back side out. All these boys wanna do is get with me.

“Come again to Chutzpah on Friday. I’ll give you a good show instead. And if I like you enough, I can treat you to some free booze.” I told him as I started up my car driving out of the parking lot while he stood there waving at me. Duh!


“Well you shoulda seen him, he was like, so hot.” I said with a shrug as me and Erica walked along the hallways of the supermarket pushing our cart which was full of stuff along. I was actually telling her about Dwayne who I met the other day at the club.

“I’m praying he comes around tomorrow, I can’t wait to feed my eyes.” Erica whispered in my ear and we both burst out laughing.

“Kiki!” I heard a familiar voice resound in the distance and I stopped laughing and turned round to confirm.

“It’s him.” I told Erica as I turned to see him waving and smiling at me.

“Him who?” Erica asked sounding ridiculous and turned round also scanning the halls.

“Dwayne, the guy I’ve been talking about.” I whisper yelled to prevent him from hearing me as he walked towards us.

“He came as advertised.” Erica said jokingly after the introductions ignoring the fact that I was furrowing my brows at her in embarrassment as she pushed the cart towards the payment desk leaving me alone with Dwayne.

“You been talking about me?” Dwayne asked with a smirk playing on his face.

“Not exactly. Erica says a lot of crazy stuff sometimes.” I answered with an eye roll and he burst out laughing knowing that I was telling a blatant lie. Whatever!

“Why do you keep popping up everywhere I am?” I asked pretending to be annoyed with him.

“Chill Ki, it’s a big fat coincidence that I happen to be in the same store at the same time with you.” He said amidst loud laughter and I tightened up my face in a frown. I’m sure I looked like an angry emoji or something.

“Keep laughing. Guess I look like an ugly fat clown to you.” I said sarcastically maintaining a straight face while he kept laughing.

“Hope your offer still stands?” He asked after he’d stopped laughing.

“I change my mind easily Dwayne.” I said sounding serious. By now, Erica was done with making payments for the stuff we bought and returned to where we were.

“Time to get a move on B.” Erica joked as she got to our position.

“A phone number wouldn’t hurt.” Dwayne spoke pleadingly referring to me. Before I could say anything in response, Erica collected the phone from him and inputted a number. Remind me to kill her if she dares give him my number.

“Thank you my lady.” He said kissing her palm.

“My pleasure.” She sang in an awkward and forced British accent. Urgh! I groaned inwardly and folded my arms around my chest as I watched their display with both brows raised.

“See, that was just like clockwork; simple and sweet. Bye dolls!” He said shooting me a little wink before turning round and walking towards the payment desk.
“Such a sexy stud.” I thought biting my lower lip.

“To earth Kiki!” Erica screamed in my ear as I was lost staring at Dwayne’s retreating figure.

“You like him don’tcha?” Erica taunted and I rolled my eyes turning round heading towards the exit.

“Oh, I hit a nerve.” Erica continued running after me with the shopping bags in both hands.

“Why’d you give him my number anyway?” I asked as we got inside the car.

“Who said I gave him your number?” She responded with a sly smile.

“I gave him my ex’s number.” She added sticking her tongue out like she was Megan thee Stallion and we both burst out laughing as I started the car driving out of the car lot. Erica is one crazy Chick.

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