About Solototo and His Songs

About Solototo

About Solototo

One of the names which will not fail to make the list of amazing local artists in Akwa Ibom State is Solototo. We do not actually know if this name is his real name or a moniker for stage performance as he revealed no information about this.

Solototo is one of the most underrated Akwa Ibom music artists of his time. He is most known because of his association with his twin Elewo Africa whom he creates music with. Together, they have worked on and released many tracks which were mostly reggae mix such as; I Love U, Sweet Mama, Idung Ifonno, Oh Sinner, Night Call, Sio Nkpo and many more.

They have released a total number of 8 songs together which had brought them short-lived fame. You can have easy access to download and stream their reggae mix up in our platform.

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