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Solototo and his twin Elewo Africa have a total of eight songs to their credit. They include the following;

Sweet Mama: This track has a soft prelude and solemnly describes the mother of his birth. It runs for approximately 4 mins and 49 seconds and comes in 8 parts which he released separately.

Ekami: Ekami which translates to ‘My mother’ in English is another track he wrote apparently for his mother. The track streams for 5 mins and 2 seconds wherein he uses the reggae style to relay his English lyrics.

Oh Sinner: Oh Sinner is a track from the album Raggae Mix; an English song by the twins Solototo and Elewo Africa. In the track, he shares his woes and asks if others experience it too. The track also centers around the message that his mother wants him to marry a wife he does not love- a woman whose age surpasses his by far.

I Love U: This track is also included in the reggae mix album. In I Love U, Solototo uses Ibibio language to urge his lover to call him as he is desperate to speak with her. He constantly repeats his need for her in his life from dusk to dawn. I Love U is 6 mins and 41 seconds long and as the name reveals, it is a love song.

Night Call: This song is also part of the Raggae Mix album and runs for about 5 mins.

Calypso Medley: This track which runs for about 4 mins has its lyrics centred on the name Calypso; he urges everyone to dance to his beat.

Sio Nkpo: Sio Nkpo, and Ibibio lyrical song which runs for 4 mins and 49 seconds was also part of the Raggae Mix album. Solototo and his backup vocalist urges everyone with the lyrics to celebrate life today as it is a day to rejoice in; a birthday.

Idung Ifonno: Idung Ifunno by Solototo and Elewo Africa was also part of the reggae mix. The 5 mins, 21 seconds long track highlights the bad in the society an urges everyone and himself to sin no more.

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