My Mum’s Gateman Episode 26

The Reception/Reunion

Marie’s POV

He climbed on the bed and looked into my eyes feeling satisfied that he was able to make me cry.

He smirked and turned his back towards me as he lies down.

‘Till we get married’ he says with a scoff before turning off the lights.

I breathed a sigh of relief as I sat up on the bed hugging my knees.
I stayed like that all night not sleeping for a second. In case he tries anything funny while I sleep.

💥Two days later 💥
It’s currently the wedding day (my wedding day)
The makeup artists are busy working on my face, my nails and my hair.

I looked into the mirror and couldn’t even recognize myself.

My makeup was every shade of wrong. The bright red lipstick was too garish making my fake smile too insipid.

It looked as though I was some witch as the nail extensions looked like wolverine’s claws.

I wore an ugly red dress. I considered it ugly because it revealed my back, my breasts (my nipples were almost visible) and had an opening which had my right thigh in full view. It was so long that it swept the floor behind me.

The dress was edged with white frills. Huge diamond earrings were fastened to my ears and the brown 24 inches long lace wig was swept over my right shoulder.

I hated how I looked right now in every sense of the word as I kept looking at myself in the large polished silver mirror.

I looked at the golden clock on the wall. It was 1:56 in the afternoon.
I wonder when the so-called wedding was going to start or have they changed their mind?

The makeup artists took my hands and led me downstairs to meet with Jude, his family and my mum who stood up and applauded the moment I came down the stairs.

I looked at my mum with disgust. How on Earth was she enjoying this?

I looked at Jude’s mum who looked overjoyed, his dad was checking me out, while Diamond had a sadder expression, I know she pitied me. She was the only one in her right mind.

Finally, my eyes landed on Jude, who was smiling so wide that his face could have torn up any minute.
I looked at him with a blank facial expression followed by an eye roll.

I finally got down and they took turns to squeeze me in hugs which I didn’t bother responding to. I stood there like a statue.

I looked closely at the paper on the table before me. It was a marriage certificate bearing my name and old signature.

They didn’t even let me sign it. I’m guessing my mum did that. She was the only one in the room who knows what my signature looks like.

I was so disgusted. I felt like throwing up. I had PMS. My stomach was cramping up and my head hurts.

They were busy drinking and celebrating the wedding. It was not my wedding. I wasn’t even allowed to sign my own marriage certificate. That’s crazy!!

It was finally time to get going to the reception venue where the guests were waiting for us to arrive.

I just hope I don’t go crazy today.
I’ve greeted a thousand people already and I need a break.

So many guests and dignitaries were present at the event including the Lagos State governor, his wife and the deputy as well as other commissioners, Special advisers etc.

Jude was the last person I wanted to be close to right now. But I had no option as I had to play along, nuptial photos and all that nonsense.

I skipped the nuptial dance, feeding of the groom and all the kissing and sh-t. I was thinking about Francis all through. Where was he? And is he going to feel when our wedding photos surface online.

I needed to get out of the crowd and clear my head outside. My mum was following me and I stopped to hear what she had to say.

She was so happy about the wedding and how her plans were falling into place.

I was about to give her a piece of my mind when one of the ushers at the event came up to inform me that more guests had arrived and were looking for the bride.

I followed her and she stopped opposite the hallways and pointed towards one of the corridors where I was supposed to find the so called guests.

I had a bad feeling about this. I mean I was getting scared as I walked down the empty hallway. I didn’t see anyone. I yelled hello but still no response. Then suddenly, one of the doors opened and a hand pulled me into one of the rooms.

I wanted to scream but he shut me up with a kiss. Geez!! It was Francis!! I finally relaxed as I reciprocated immediately wrapping my legs around his waist with his hands on my butt.

We kissed like our lives depended on it.
I mean you can’t blame us. We have missed each other for what felt like forever.
I wanted us to stay like that forever.

The sound of someone clearing his/her throat in the room brought us back to reality. (Geez, someone else was in the room)

We finally stopped kissing and turned breathlessly towards the direction of the sound.

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