How to use whmcs license on a staging site

 How to Use a WHMCS License on a Staging Site

When developing or updating your website, it’s crucial to test changes in a staging environment before going live. For WHMCS users, this means understanding how to use your WHMCS license on a staging site. Here’s a simple guide to help you through the process.

 Step 1: Install WHMCS on Your Staging Site

Begin by installing WHMCS on your staging environment. You can download the latest version from the official WHMCS website and follow the standard installation instructions.


 Step 2: Obtain a Development License

To use WHMCS on a staging site, you need a development license. Request one by submitting a ticket to the WHMCS support team, specifying that it’s for your staging site.


 Step 3: Update Your License Details

After receiving your development license, update your license details in the WHMCS system. Log into your WHMCS admin area, navigate to “Setup” > “General Settings” > “Licensing,” and enter your new development license key and domain details¹.


 Step 4: Test Your Changes

With the development license in place, you can safely test any changes on your staging site. Ensure that all features work correctly and that any new integrations or customizations do not disrupt the existing setup.


 Step 5: Revert License Details

Once you’re satisfied with the testing and ready to go live, revert the license details back to your original domain name and license key. Follow the same steps as in Step 3 but use your production license details¹.


 Step 6: Keep Your Staging Site Updated

Regularly update your staging site to mirror your live environment. This practice helps in maintaining consistency and ensures accurate testing for future changes.



Using a WHMCS license on a staging site is straightforward. By following these steps, you can ensure that your website changes are thoroughly tested and that your live site remains unaffected during the development process.


Remember, a staging site is an invaluable tool for any webmaster, allowing you to test and tweak your site to perfection before your customers see the changes.

This instructional article provides a simple, step-by-step guide on using a WHMCS license on a staging site, ensuring a smooth and error-free transition from staging to live environments.

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