David Sunday – Nam Usung Mi Enyene Iwuk Medley

David Sunday – Nam Usung Mi Enyene Iwuk Medley

Nam Usung Mi Enyene Iwuk is another album by an amazing Gospel artist David Sunday. The title is translated in English as ‘Let My Way Have a Stronghold’. It was released on 29 January 2015 and the album contains three songs; Nnienso Nkan Ekom Medley, Usung Nkesiangade Medley and Nam Usung Mi Enyene Iwuk Medley. Altogether, the album plays for about 47 minutes.

In each track, he combines good instrumentals and his vocals to express his trust in God who would lead him throughout his life journey. The second song which has a run time of 31 minutes and 2 seconds takes a rather solemn tone in reflecting on the journey of his life. In the third track, he reveres God as the way, truth and life, and soliloquizes about the sorrows people go through in life.

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