Couldn’t Pretend Episode 12

I couldn’t control myself from laughing as I simply covered my mouth and walked away to the front door which I hurriedly unlocked and rushed in just to laugh out loud.

A few seconds later, I heard a knock on the door and I went to open up. Obviously it’s Alex.

“Na my main babe be this one. Really?” I said resuming my laughing all over again as I kept remembering how brazy he sounded when he said those words.

“It’s just for your protection Folake.” He said instead in a serious sounding tone.

“How do you mean?” I questioned in amazement.

“Eddy is bad news and I wouldn’t want you or any other girl for that matter to have anything to do with him for your own good.” On hearing these words, my eyes widened in shock.

“When I was still living here, he got arrested twice for beating up his girlfriend till she passed out. And he couldn’t control his anger and his fists on each of these two occasions because he was under the influence of hard drugs.” Alex explained sending chills through my entire body.

“Oh! I had no idea. Thank you so much.” I said in a shaky voice taking a seat beside him on the two seater.

“You’re welcome. And I’d actually cut off his hands if he lays it on you.” He threatened leaving me speechless.

Why does he even care about me so much?


“So she’s suddenly scared of visiting her old bobo?” Ama asked almost in a whisper and I burst out laughing.

“Exactly my thoughts girl. It’s as if you were there. It was so annoying as she just scattered my plans like that with a foolish errand.” I said drinking from my glass of water.

It’s Monday and I was explaining to Ama and Promise during lunch break why I had to cancel last minute on Friday to run errands for The HR.

“And you’re yet to tell us what GM’s house looks like.” Promise inputted which led me to describing the heavenly destination leaving them in awe.

“Three cars and a two storey building in that very luxury estate? But where does this guy get all that money from?” Promise asked in shock.

“This guy must be laundering money or doing rituals.” Ama stated like it was some sort of obvious fact.

“My dear, if you ask me, na who I go ask? This guy must have another source of income apart from this day job.”

“That’s what I’m thinking also. He looks like a rich kid not someone who came up from the trenches.” Promise seconded my motion.

Let’s just say I skipped the part where we had crackers dipped in butter and fruit juice, lunch at Kebari’s and him finally bringing me home only to claim me as his girlfriend before my neighbor and the part he threatened to cut off his hands. That was the real juicy gist but dem no go hear am from my mouth.

This week was equally a busy one and I barely had any room to breathe.

Alex was in and out of meetings with department heads everyday and I had tons of typing to do on a daily that I rarely had time for lunch.


On Thursday afternoon, a beautiful lady holding a baby came to the office looking for Alex. She introduced herself as Rita the official and original secretary I was covering for.

It was so nice to finally put a face to the name. Alex had mentioned her a couple times showering praises on her for being reliable and super good at her job.

She’s here to see Alex. I quickly notified him and he asked me to let her in.

About an hour later, Alex emerged from the office holding the baby with Rita following behind.

“Your things were moved down to storage. I’ll have Wahab bring them to your place later.” That was all I overheard Alex say as they walked past my cubicle.

It was so nice to see him playing happily with the adorable little baby who he finally handed back to the mother and said goodbye.

“My office.” He ordered as he strutted past my cubicle back into his office.

“Rita is quitting. She just handed in her resignation letter.” Alex announced relaxing in his seat pointing to an envelope on his desk the moment I walked into his office.

“Her husband is a pastor and has been transferred to another branch of their church in Delta State so she can no longer work for me.” He continued before pausing briefly like he wanted me to properly digest the information.

“It’s just a few weeks left before our arrangement will be concluded. I want you to carefully consider taking over as my secretary permanently. I’m not forcing you to do it. This time around, it’s totally up to you to decide.” He concluded and I nodded as I knew that was exactly where the conversation was going to end up.

“I’m glad you’re giving me a choice in this matter Sir. I’ll give it careful thought and let you know what I decide.” I responded in my most respectful voice.

With that being said, Alex talked about a few other things before finally letting me go.


“So are you going to consider staying under him?” Ama asked during lunch break on Friday as I’d just filled her in on what happened yesterday.

“I’m still thinking about it.” I said sounding confused and overwhelmed.

“But I thought you had dreams to rise and become one of the top dogs? There’s nothing like promotion for someone’s secretary except for the little pay raise. And I don’t consider being a secretary as a career.” Promise quipped in.

“Plus someone like Alex can just frustrate you till you quit your job.” Ama added overwhelming me the more.

“I know all this but it’s better than wiping the noses of everyone in the sales department. Promotion no go show overnight oh, you gats sweat like tomorrow no dey oh.” I reminded them and that only earned me an eye roll from Ama.

“It’s your choice and you should think carefully before deciding on anything. It’s just that we had hopes of seeing you back in our department.”

The thing is that Alex has been really kind to me even though we started off on the wrong foot.
Even all the boyfriends I had all my life have never added money for me to rent a house not to talk of giving me a whole furnished three bedroom flat. And he’s never for once asked for anything in return. Staying as his secretary would be a great way to show that I appreciate all he’s done for me.

Ama and Promise didn’t know the good sides of Alex Oluwoye like I did. They only saw him as an authority figure who was conceited and vainglorious.

That same day before the close of work, I made my decision to keep working as his secretary known to Alex and he just couldn’t hold back his joy.

“We should celebrate.” He said happily. This was not the reaction I’d expected from him though.

He got up and started searching for something among his collection of vinyls and picked out one which he placed on the gramophone and a powerful male voice was heard belting his heart out.

“That’s James Brown.” He said proudly and returned to his seat as he observed the confused look on my face.

“I’ve never heard this song in my entire life.” I said with a laugh while he pulled out two wine glasses from a drawer in his desk followed by a bottle of red wine.

He decanted little quantities into each glass before passing one to me.

“Looking forward to a great time working together. Cheers!” He said and we raised our glasses before gulping down our drinks in one go.

“So are we still on for tomorrow?” Alex asked as dropped his now empty glass.

Oops! I totally forgot that tomorrow is Saturday and I’d promised to assist in cooking for him. Geez! My sharp mouth will never put me trouble. Kai!

“Yes sure.” I responded with a nod even though my eyes had gone wide in shock.

I had set an appointment with a hairstylist now I have to call her and cancel.

“Great! I’d come over to your place and pick you up so you’ll go and buy whatever is needed at the market deal?” He said extending his hand for a handshake.

“Deal!” I simply replied shaking his hand slowly as fireworks went off inside me.

This would be the very first time in my life I get to touch Alex y’know. Except for that one time that my arm brushed his on the staircase and one other time like that when I handed him a pen and his finger touched mine.

I relished the handshake like it was my favorite soup served with a mountain of semo. How delicious!

His hand was so soft and I didn’t want to let go. We shook hands close to thirty seconds not wanting to break the handshake before we finally disengaged laughing at each other.

Wow! Just see confam man with good looks, better brain and a hand softer than my pillow and he’s totally out of my reach. Nawao!

Suddenly my mind flashes back to cooking for him. Omo, no be small something oh! The almighty Alex Oluwoye will be tasting my food tomorrow. So wetin baba God no fit do?

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