7 Little Words: Solving Where The House Sits

7 Little Words: Solving Where The House Sits


Clue: Where the house sits

Answer: CAPITOL (7 letters)


Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Understand the Clue: The clue refers to a place where a legislative body, such as the United States Senate and the House of Representatives, meets.

2. Analyze the Letters: Look at the 20 different partial words provided in the game. These are two to three letters each that you can join together to form the answer.

3. Consider the Context: The answer is often related to the common meaning of the clue. In this case, it’s a specific type of building.

4. Combine the Letters: Use the letter groups to form the word “CAPITOL,” which is a building where a state legislature or the federal Congress meets.



– Don’t be discouraged if you’re struggling with a clue. The more you play, the better you’ll become at deciphering them.

– Sometimes, clues may be used more than once, so always check the letter length and the letters available in the current puzzle to guide you to the correct answer.



CAPITOL: A building where a legislative body of a republic, state, or country meets.

HOUSE: As a verb, it means to provide housing for; as a noun, it refers to a social unit living together or the members of a business organization.


Remember, playing word games like where the house sits 7 Little Words is not just about the challenge; it’s also a fun way to improve your vocabulary and problem-solving skills. So keep playing and have fun!

I hope this guide assists you in solving the puzzle and enhances your enjoyment of the game where the house sits 7 little words.

Happy puzzling!

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